Love is Love (Amor es Amor)

Actualizado: 20 oct 2021

A few days to begin the PRIDE month in Mexico City, members of the LGBTQ community is getting ready organizing different cultural events to share the love !! This time we were able to assist an exceptional and interesting art exhibit; they come from photos, oleo paint on canvas to all other different materials and ideas including all LGBTQ community members.

We invite to enjoy this mini event that is meant to be a recognition of the struggle along history in the fight for the rights of the LGBT community.

From May 29th to June 29th.

LGBTTTI Weddings Expo CDMX

The LGBTTTI Weddings Expo will have a lot of interesting accessories, products, services and providers in order to wonderfully plan your wedding, anniversary or honey moon. It means to create a safe, beautiful and comfortable space for LGBTTTI couples that are looking for orientation in these matters.

The LGBTTTI Weddings Expo will have a lot of differents events in order to introduce all kind of different services that you might be interesting to have in your wedding, also conferences and shows regarding matters to the LGBTTI community.

Check out the schedule and don’t miss the fun!

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