Pride Terrace Draws Local & International Crowd

Actualizado: 20 oct 2021

The Pride March in Mexico City is one of the biggest draws for new arrivals into the city. Visitors from all around Mexico as well as arrivals from places around the world are welcomed with cariño and open arms to join the festivities! This year, the team of Mexico Gay Adventures hosted the 1st Annual International Pride Terrace at Salon Sol, located on the final stretch of the colorful, powerful and exhilerating march.

Filled with friends from Mexico and beyond, the Pride Terrace was bustling with the sounds of laughter, the movement of dancing, and the fluttering sound of hand fans opening and closing with excitement. With the throngs marching below, the giant floats with flying drag queens, shirtless men and women... we surely enjoyed view! But we also were thrilled to get to know so many new friends and be a part of connecting so many locals, expats and visitors!

We're so glad that you could join us. Thank you for being the best part of what we do!

The team Mexico Gay Adventures want to thank you for making this weekend absolutely amazing!

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